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​Massage Services to manage and find relief from pain, heal from injury, alleviate stress, enhance performance or just relax. Each session is customized to fit your needs.

"Great experience, friendly staff and wonderful results."

"Very therapeutic. Helped alleviate my severe neck pain."


What is:

Therapeutic Massage - This type of massage is meant to offer health benefits. The massage therapist and the client create a goal to achieve muscular/structural changes in the body . This usually happens through a series of massages to reach the desired outcome. In other words, you come to the massage therapist with a problem (tight shoulders, sciatic pain, spasm in lower back, loss of range of motion in neck...). The massage therapist assesses your condition, proposes a plan, performs the massage and evaluates the outcome. Click here for a list of conditions treatable by therapeutic massage.

Medical Massage - Can be defined as massage that is prescribed or recommended by a doctor, physical therapist, chiropractor or acupuncturist to name a few health professionals. Medical massage, also known as clinical massage, includes any massage that is performed with a desired clinical outcome and is often done with the patient's clothes on. Contraindications, measurable assessments, thorough documentation and at home self care including stretches and heat/ice where applicable are necessary for a successful outcome. Many insurance companies will cover this type of work. Click here for a list of conditions treatable by medical massage.

Relaxing Massage - This type of massage is also known as a Swedish massage. It is more superficial (on the surface) and improves blood and lymph circulation while relaxing you.

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