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Conditions treatable with massage therapy

August 2019


Fibromyalgia (FM) affects nearly 5 million Americans a year! The main symptoms include widespread muscle pain and increased sensitivity to stimuli.  FM can also lead to difficulty sleeping, headaches, reduced ability to think and IBS to name a few. 

There is new evidence that points to FM being a central nervous system (CNS) disorder versus an auto immune disorder as previously thought. This evidence also point to the idea that the pain associated by FM is actually a disorder on how the body is transmitting pain receptors from brain to muscle. This would explain why FM suffers are not just sensitive to touch stimuli but also stimuli from sound, light as well as  food and chemical alleriges.

Massage helps Fibromyalgia by reducing stress, increasing sleep, reducing muscle pain, resetting the CNS pain pathways and increasing circulation of blood and lymph.

A beneficial approach to the treatment of FM is a team approach. It would also be a good idea to include other health practices like yoga and acupuncture into your life. 

Quick Facts

Click here to learn more about Fibromyalgia

Click here to read a blind study done on the affects massage has on Fibromyalgia

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July 2019

Chronic Pain

One of the questions asked on my intake form is, "Do you suffer from chronic pain?" Often the answer is Yes. Chronic pain is defined as any pain that lasts more than 12 weeks.

I have numerous clients that suffer from chronic pain and it amazes me how much consistent massage helps. Back (upper and lower), joint and limb pain, fibromyalgia, CMPS (chronic myofascial pain syndrome) and osteoarthritis are the main pain conditions that I treat with success. Not only does a mixture of massage modalities help to relieve the physical pain associated with chronic pain, massage also helps by increasing serotonin release, activating deep/restorative sleep, improving physical function, reducing anxiety and improving mood. 

Quick Facts

Click here to learn more about Chronic Pain

Click here to view a chart showing chronic pain disorders

Click here to read the comprehensive study, "Pain and Massage Therapy: A Narrative Review" by Tiffany Field

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June 2019

SI Dysfunction

Do you have low back pain that is usually more on one side then the other? Does it radiate into your buttocks, thighs, groin or even your upper back? Is your pain worse when you stand up or sit on a soft surface for a period of time? Is it worse in the morning or when you lay on your side? You could be suffering from SI, or Sacroiliac, Dysfunction. 

I have been treating quite a lot of tight or frozen SI joints lately. Massage really helps!! Massage can relieve the pain and discomfort by correcting imbalances of the musculoskeletal system. This is the connection between your muscles and your joints and bones. Therapeutic massage of the surrounding muscles helps relax the area thus relieving pain as well.

Quick Facts

Click here to learn more about SI Dysfunction and Pain

Strengthening versus stretching is more effective in relieving SI pain. Click here for exercises for SI Pain

Book a massage today to help get rid of SI joint pain today.

April 2019


April is stress awareness month. Ironic that it is the same month taxes are due. Although the initial symptoms of stress are not something physical, when left untreated, your body will turn your stress into physical issues. It is your body sending out red flags to you. It is trying to get you to pay attention to your stress in order to reduce it or eliminate it. 

Many people will come to see me hoping to eliminate their stress level. Unfortunately the world we live in has stress triggers everywhere. Massage can definitely help!

Quick Facts

Click here to learn about stress triggers, physical symptoms of chronic stress and stress overload

Click here for more information on how and why massage can reduce stress levels

Click here to WATCH A GREAT VIDEO and learn about other ways to reduce stress in your life

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December 2018​


Aside from chronic back, neck and shoulder pain, this is the second reason I see people. Sciatic pain, which often ends up being Piriformis Syndrome or "Pseudo Sciatica"  is real and can be so debilitating. The only time massage cannot help in the long term with sciatica is when the nerve is impinged by bone vs being impinged by muscle like the gluteus medius or the piriformis. I have only come across this once. This is a treatment where I see a quick and remarkable transformation  after a few 30 minute treatments. Piriformis syndrome's best treatment is massage!

Quick Facts

Click here to learn how massage can help treat sciatica

Could it be Piriformis Syndrome or Sciatica?  Symptoms are similar and most often times Piriformis Syndrome

Click here to learn about Piriformis syndrome or Pseudo Sciatica Syndrome

Is this how where you are feeling pain: 

Click here to view pain referral charts for Sciatica and Piriformis Syndrome pages 1 , 2 , 3 and 4 (from Abbott Center for Neuromuscular Therapy)  

Click here for Piriformis Stretches ( check with healthcare provider first)

November 2018​

Rotator Cuff

Just had a day of continuing education learning about treating the rotator cuff in a class called Releasing the Rotator Cuff. I have the tools to treat mild to moderate injuries and improper use conditions. Anything more serious must be assessed by a specialty doctor.

Quick Facts

Risk Factors


People who do repetitive lifting or overhead activities – e.g. painters, carpenters, movers

Athletes, particularly tennis players and baseball pitchers

Traumatic injury


Pain at rest and at night, particularly if lying on the affected shoulder

Pain when lifting and lowering your arm or with specific movements

Weakness when lifting or rotating your arm

Crackling sensation when moving your shoulder in certain positions

Tears that happen suddenly, such as from a fall, usually cause intense 

pain. There may be a snapping sensation and immediate weakness in your upper arm. This is more than a mild to moderate injury.

Click here for an overview of the rotator cuff muscles

Click here to learn more about massage for rotator cuff injuries

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